Facts and figures and why it works.

Facts and Figures and why we are convinced it works.

“We have 15.3 million motor vehicles, registered in Australia at 31 March 2008; These vehicles are traveling an average of 14,600 kilometers per vehicle, annually. Personal and other use accounted for 51.1% of the total kilometers traveled while travel to and from work (28.7%) and business use (20.2%) accounted for the remaining kilometers traveled by passenger vehicles.

There were 720 motor vehicles per 1,000 resident population in Australia at 31 March 2009 and the average age of all vehicles registered in Australia was 9.9 years. Read details here

Rising population levels and gridlocked roads in Australia’s major cities, along with an erratic public transport system, spells major headaches for the nine million commuters who struggle to and from work each week says Maria Nyguen of B&T Today. And by  some time, we are not talking about a few minutes, commuters are now spending up to 180 minutes on road each day. Read Sydney example study at consistency-in-travel-time.

To summarise these statistics simply, almost 3 out of 4 of us in Australia own a vehicle which is roadworthy and 9.9 years old and we are now driving longer distances and spending up to 180 minutes on the  road each day.

“More than 90% of commuters are exposed to OOH advertising everyday on a regular basis, so it has a very high reach potential.” says Richard Herring, chief executive of APN Outdoor.

Clearly business owners big and small have already acknowledged this to be an effective medium of advertising. Now’s your turn and test the waters and see how well it works for you too.

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