Facts and figures and why it works.

Facts and Figures and why we are convinced it works.

“We have 15.3 million motor vehicles, registered in Australia at 31 March 2008; These vehicles are traveling an average of 14,600 kilometers per vehicle, annually. Personal and other use accounted for 51.1% of the total kilometers traveled while travel to and from work (28.7%) and business use (20.2%) accounted for the remaining kilometers traveled by passenger vehicles.

There were 720 motor vehicles per 1,000 resident population in Australia at 31 March 2009 and the average age of all vehicles registered in Australia was 9.9 years. Read details here

Rising population levels and gridlocked roads in Australia’s major cities, along with an erratic public transport system, spells major headaches for the nine million commuters who struggle to and from work each week says Maria Nyguen of B&T Today. And by  some time, we are not talking about a few minutes, commuters are now spending up to 180 minutes on road each day. Read Sydney example study at consistency-in-travel-time.

To summarise these statistics simply, almost 3 out of 4 of us in Australia own a vehicle which is roadworthy and 9.9 years old and we are now driving longer distances and spending up to 180 minutes on the  road each day.

“More than 90% of commuters are exposed to OOH advertising everyday on a regular basis, so it has a very high reach potential.” says Richard Herring, chief executive of APN Outdoor.

Clearly business owners big and small have already acknowledged this to be an effective medium of advertising. Now’s your turn and test the waters and see how well it works for you too.

Maintain your car

How can you make sure you car is in tip-top shape if an advertiser approaches you? Here are just a few simple and easy to do tips.

Check engine oil
With the car on level ground and the engine warm (but not running), remove the dipstick and wipe it with a lint-free rag. Reinsert the dipstick, fully remove it again, check that the oil level is between the two marks and top up if needed.

Check the coolant level
Check that the coolant level in the plastic reservoir is between the high and low marks. If your car doesn’t have a reservoir, with the engine cool, remove the radiator cap and check the level in the radiator. If it’s more than 25mm below the neck of the cap socket, top it up with the correct coolant concentration.

Look for worn or damaged parts
Look for frayed, damaged, loose or disconnected wiring Check hoses and pipes and the top and bottom radiator hoses, heater hoses, fuel lines and any pipes associated with power steering or brakes. Ask your mechanic to replace any that are soft, kinked, swollen or cracked.


Check you owner’s handbook
Check your owner’s handbook or contact your service centre to find out the automatic transmission and power steering fluid levels and fill as necessary.

Check tyre pressure
Check and adjust tyre pressure when tyres are cold. You’ll find your car’s correct tyre pressure on the inside of your glovebox, fuel cap filler, or inside the driver’s door opening.

Check your lights
Make sure all your lights are working: high beam, stop, indicator and reverse.

If you need any professional help, you can always find experts here

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Insure your car for free

The title was not meant to only grab your attention. It is a very real possibility. You may be able to recover the insurance of your car.

I have quotes from leading vehicle insurer like AAMI and NRMA for a private vehicle in Australia. To keep it as generic and simple as possible, I asked for a comprehensive quote for a 2008 automatic Toyota Yaris 5dr sedan, for 1 or 2 drivers. The quotes below say it all.


If you dismissed $75 for a decal on the tail of your car, as a paltry amount, think again. It may be more than sufficient to pay comprehensive insurance for your vehicle each month. So go on and get bidding.

Please note: The quotes above may change per the service provider. However the information displayed can be publicly obtained and you should verify your own costs independently. cashURwheels takes no responsibility for these quotes and this is for information only.